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Nutram Grain Free Cat Diets

Pet Health Innovation

Nutram Grain-Free recipes are inventive foods, carefully developed to provide pet parents with progressive food choices. These recipes are carefully crafted in small batches by professional cooks fully trained to provide the highest quality culinary services.Choose Nutram Grain-Free for pet nutrition you can trust and quality pets taste.

Superior Ingredients

  • 0% potato, 0% grain, 100% specialized ingredients
  • Hormone-free fresh meats; preservative-free fresh fish
  • Distinctive combination of Superfoods rich in disease fighting nutrients
  • Proven low glycemic ingredients help stabilize blood sugar
  • Steamed local fresh fruits and vegetables add natural antioxidants
  • Coated with an array of therapeutic Omega Fatty Acids for overall health
  • Professional quality organic prebiotics support nutrient absorption

Advanced Cooking Processes

  • Ingredients are meticulously sourced and carefully monitored for quality
  • Recipes are slowly cooked in small batches to maximize nutrition and taste
  • Pet approved kibble shapes are the result of 15 years of product development
  • Innovative al dente kibble texture supports dental hygiene
  • Canadian packaging, with a premium slide closure, keeps product fresh


Nutram Grain Free Cat Diets
Nutram Grain Free Cat Diets
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Code Product   Price Quantity
NUT864Total Grain Free Salmon & Trout T24 1.8kg £16.99
NUT865Total Grain Free Cat Salmon & Trout T24 6.8kg £47.99