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Schesir Adult Cat with Fish - 10kg

SCHESIR DRY LINE range of dry food is prepared with natural ingredients and the addition of vitamins and minerals to meet the nutritional demands of and breed of cat throughout the different phases of its life, helping it stay in good health.


All the varieties are:

• MONO PROTEIN, thanks to the presence of a unique source of animal protein
• No added preservatives or colourings
• Hypoallergenic: they help to protect cats from food intolerances
• With highly-digestible animal protein
• Ingredients with a prebiotic action, help ensure the effective assimilation of nutrients and odour control
• Cruelty free


SKIN SENSIBILITY Brewers’ yeast, Omega 3, Omega 6 and biotin support the immune defences and promote the well-being of skin and coat.
ANTIOXIDANT The special blend of aromatic plants with synergic antioxidant action (grapes, citrus, cloves, curcuma, rosemary) helps the organism fight free radicals.



Schesir Adult Cat with Fish - 10kg
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