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Cat's Best Universal Litter

Natural organic fibre bedding for all small pets!


The optimal bedding solution for many pets and birds, especially when several different kinds of pets live under one roof. Ideal for daily cleaning and is specially effective as additional bedding in areas of high moisture such as around the drinking bottle or container, etc.

With Cat's Best Universal, you are actively contributing to environmental conservation, Cat's Best Universal is 100% pure, made from natural, clean organic fibre without additives. A special pressing procedure creates the pellet form.


Naturally ... just as your pets like it!

- Excellent Value for Money Cats Best Universal Litter
- High Absorption
- Lasting Moisture Binding
- Excellent Odour Binding
- Compostable & 100% Biodegradable
- 100% Pure Organic Fibre


Can be used as a complete bedding material or mixed with other components.


Please allow an extra 2 days delivery time when ordering this product exclusively!



Cat's Best Universal Litter
For Kittens, Cats, Small Animals, and Birds!
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Code Product   Price Quantity
JRS220Cat's Best Universal Litter - 10L pack £5.99
JRS222Cat's Best Universal Litter - 20L pack £10.99
JRS225Cat's Best Universal Litter - 40L pack £19.49