December 8th 2017: We are pleased to inform you that following our catastrophic fire we have now secured new premises and we have recommenced trading. The website is now live again and we will resume shipments from Monday December 11th. We would like to thank you for all the good wishes we have received, and for your patience during this difficult time.


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Breeders Club

Dog and Cat

We are pleased to announce the launch of AJM breeder's club.  If you are an active breeder and can comply with our terms and conditions you are welcome to apply for an account.

Criteria required:

  • You must have either a registered Kennel Club affix or registered Feline prefix.
  • You must own 1 or more active brood bitch / queen or stud dog / cat.
  • You must feed and recommend products purchased from
  • All purchases made herein are for your own use only, and bags must not be either given or re-sold to non members.
  • When ordering any Arden Grange breeder products an Arden Grange membership number must be quoted. (To apply for membership visit
  • Breeder accounts that are inactive for a period of 4 months or greater will be automatically closed.

We reserve the right to refuse, suspend or cancel a membership at any given time.  By requesting a breeder account with us you are agreeing to our terms and conditions

To apply please contact Tim or Steve on 01454 322905, or email with your details.