Trovet Hypoallergenic single protein and single carbohydrate diets are designed for dogs with food hypersensitivity.

Dogs with food hypersensitivity often suffer from pruritus, bad skin, diarrhoea and/or vomiting, because of an impaired reaction on a food substance.

Giving the dog a food that does not contain any of the ingredients to which the dog is hypersensitive can relieve these symptoms.


Venison Hypoallergenic (VPD) - 2 x 10kg - Multi Buy Save £6.74 £128.16
Horse Hypoallergenic (HPD) - 3kg Save £3.90 £22.05

Recovery Liquid (CCL)

Recovery Liquid is a complete, ready to use, recovery diet. The high moisture content allows for simultaneous food and water intake. Recovery Liquid is an easily digestible diet that makes sure energy and nutrients are quickly utilised by the body and stress on the digestive system is minimised. 

Recovery Liquid Diet for Cats & Dogs (CCL) 12 x 400g Save £10.71 £60.69

Unique Protein (UP)

The tackling of potential food hypersensitivity in cats is a process that TROVET made easier for you. Unique Protein is a wet food, consisting of pure meat, supplemented with olive oil and sunflower oil. These products are available in: lamb, rabbit, venison, turkey and horse. Unique Protein is free of added carbohydrates, antioxidants and colour, flavour, and palatability enhancers.

Horse Unique Protein for Cats & Dogs (UPH) 6 x 200g Save £1.86 £16.74
Rabbit Unique Protein for Cats & Dogs (UPR) 6 x 800g Save £4.17 £37.53
Lamb Unique Protein for Cats & Dogs (UPL) 6 x 200g Save £1.80 £16.20
Lamb Unique Protein for Cats & Dogs (UPL) 6 x 800g Save £21.70 £20.00
Turkey Unique Protein for Cats & Dogs (UPT) 6 x 400g Save £2.19 £19.71

Urinary Struvite (ASD)

Trovet Urinary Struvite Diet is a dietary food for dogs suffering from struvite uroliths.

It is a complete diet with adjustments in the mineral composition to favour the production of acidic urine and to reduce the urinary concentration of the minerals that are implicated in struvite formation.

Trovet Urinary Struvite Diet for dogs can be fed long-term as it is capable of supporting long-term maintenance of dogs in any life-stage.

Please seek veterinary advice before purchasing these special diets.

Urinary Struvite (ASD) - 6 Tins x 400g Save £1.90 £17.00

Trovet Supplements

 Trovet supplements are used to complement a diet.

Trovet Intestinal Support (FBS) - 150g powder Save £3.09 £12.36

Trovet Treats

Trovet has developed a range of special treats as everyone wants to reward their dog, even when they are eating a special diet.

These treats are designed to support dietary food, unlike most treats, which can have an opposite effect.


Duck Neck Hypoallergenic Treats (HDT) 200g - Canine Save £1.35 £7.60
Rabbit Ears Hypoallergenic Treats (HRT) 100g - Canine Save £1.12 £6.33 Temporarily Out of Stock
Horse Hypoallergenic Treats (HHT) 250g - Canine Save £2.59 £10.36
Ostrich Hypoallergenic Treats (HOT) 150g - Canine Save £2.39 £9.56
Venison Hypoallergenic Tendon Treats (HVT) 200g - Canine Save £2.14 £12.11
Multi Purpose Rabbit Treats (MRT) 400g - Canine Save £0.71 £6.44