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Wild Bird Food

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Niger Seed - 12.75kg £29.99
Garden Gourmet Wild Bird Food - 20kg £36.99
Four Seasons Superior Wild Bird Food - 20kg £26.99
Sunflower Hearts - 20kg £44.99
Black Sunflower - 15kg £26.99
Standard Wild Bird Food - 20kg £24.99

Peanut Kernels - 70/80 Count

Peanuts can form an important part of the diet of many species of wild birds, as they are very high in essential proteins and oils.

The peanuts we sell are carefully sourced to make sure that they are free of any aflatoxins, which can be harmful if even very small amounts are digested.


Peanut Kernels - 70/80 Count - 25kg pack £49.99