Small Animal Products

Small Animal Products

Carefresh Bedding

Carefresh Natural - 14L £7.99
Carefresh Natural - 4 x 14L - Multi Buy Save £4.80 £27.16
Carefresh Natural - 60L £29.99
Carefresh White - 10L £9.49
Carefresh Blue - 10L £9.49
Carefresh Confetti - 10L £9.49
Carefresh Confetti - 4 x 10L - Multi Buy Save £5.70 £32.26
Carefresh Confetti - 50L £33.49
Carefresh Sea Glass - 10L £9.49

Cat's Best Universal Litter

For Kittens, Cats, Small Animals, and Birds!

Cat’s Best Universal is recommended as litter for households that have several different small animals to care for. It can be used in a variety of ways for most breeds of small animals. With its high absorbency Cat’s Best Universal is also ideal as an additional litter for typical wet areas such as drinking troughs etc. Suitable for rodents, birds and cats. Made from 100% plant fibres.

  • Non-clumping

  • Biodegradable

  • Dust-free

Cat's Best Universal Litter - 10L £7.25
Cat's Best Universal Litter - 20L £13.99
Cat's Best Universal Litter - 40L £27.49

Chipsi Climate Floors

Hemp mats provide an excellent climate in the small animals’ home – from 100 % natural, untreated  hemp fibres

It’s a first-rate climate in the home of your pet, with CHIPSI CLIMATE FLOOR hemp mats for small animals! This means warmth (though not to excess), and practically no dust, and so is ideally suited to sensitive or allergic animals, ensuring superlative air quality in the cage along with cleanliness and hygiene.  

With CHIPSI CLIMATE FLOOR you can be sure that your pet is going to enjoy playing, and will be happy building a nest. CHIPSI CLIMATE FLOOR is made out of hemp, which is cultivated in the most environmentally friendly way. It is compostable and 100 % biodegradable.

Impressive benefits

  • Practically dust-free
  • Very absorbent
  • Very odour-binding
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers
Chipsi Climate Floor Hemp Mat - Medium 40x 25cm £4.99
Chipsi Climate Floor Hemp Mat - Large 95x 45cm £12.99
Chipsi Climate Floor Hemp Mat - X Large 115 x 50cm £15.99

Chipsi Mais

Chipsi Mais granules are made from corn cob, a natural product that is much heavier than normal soft wood shavings. This means that the corn granules do not stick to your pets fur or feathers, and are not spread outside the hutch or cage.

These natural granules are highly absorbent for liquids and odours, creating a pleasant environment for you and your pet.

Suitable for all small animals and caged birds.



Chipsi Mais - 10L £12.95
Chipsi Mais - 15kg £39.95

Chipsi Super

Really 'super' – litter based on fine granules!

Does your pet have an allergic reaction, or is it particularly sensitive?

In that case CHIPSI SUPER is just the right litter for you, as it is practically free from bacteria and dust.

And what is more, CHIPSI SUPER keeps the cage nice and dry. How does this work? By contrast with standard litters, its softwood granules have a more extensive surface and so have what are known as capillaries.

These capillaries function as a sponge, and absorb moisture and odour just as effectively as a sponge does. Consequently the cage stays clean for longer, and you don’t need to use so much litter.

Chipsi Super - 3.5kg £5.99
Chipsi Super - 4 x 3.5kg - Multi Buy Save £4.80 £19.16
Chipsi Super Bale - 24kg £29.99

Chipsi Ultra

Extra gentle on little paws, extremely absorbent and odour-binding!

CHIPSI ULTRA consists of small softwood granules. These fine granules have an irregular surface and so can absorb liquid ULTRA fast.

This eliminates odours – something to appreciate when you keep your pets cage indoors.

Your pet will feel really comfortable with CHIPSI ULTRA because CHIPSI ULTRA is so soft and cosy – and lasts for an exceptionally long time!


Chipsi Ultra - 10 litre £9.99

Chipsi Wood Shavings

Chipsi wood shavings are a natural bedding product. The de-dusted soft wood shavings guarantee a soft, hygienic nest.

Produced from domestic spruce and fir wood, makes this a very absorbent, odour-binding bedding, which ensures a comfortable environment that is just right for your pet.

Wood chip litter with a fresh and fruity scent. 

Available in classic, fresh lemon, green apple and strawberry fragrances.




Chipsi Classic Shavings - 60 litre £5.99
Chipsi Apple Shavings - 60 litre £6.99
Chipsi Citrus Shavings - 60 litre £6.99
Chipsi Strawberry Shavings - 60 litre £6.99

Pet's Dream - Paper Pure Litter

Pet's Dream Paper Pure is made from recycled paper fibres. The light, versatile litter is ideally suited for rodents as well as for cats. In a special process, recycled paper fibres are pressed into highly effective pellets that bind more than 230% liquid and are almost dust and germ-free.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable in its production as a pure paper recycling product it is also 100% biodegradable. It can be disposal of via the compost or organic waste bin* 

  • Light and highly effective

  • High moisture absorption (> 230%)

  • Soft paper fibre pellets

  • Virtually dust and germ free

  • Made of 100% recycled paper fibres

  • 100% biodegradable

*Please check your local waste disposal regulations!

Pet's Dream - Paper Pure Litter 4.8kg £10.49
4 x 4.8kg Pet's Dream - Paper Pure Litter - Special Offer Save £5.88 £36.08