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Chipsi Snake

Superb quality terrarium litter for snakes – the special product for snake professionals!

CHIPSI SNAKE was specially developed for snake professionals, in cooperation with highly regarded snake experts and zoos. The super-soft litter consists of ultra-fine softwood flakes, and so is particularly suited to encourage the snake’s natural nest-building instinct.

In addition, CHIPSI SNAKE provides the best possible humidity management and so is also well suitable for use in moist terrariums. The dust-free and germ-free special litter has a pleasantly fresh scent and does not contain any etheric oils.  

Chipsi Snake - 2kg £9.95
Chipsi Snake - 5kg £22.50

Chipsi Extra Beechwood

CHIPSI EXTRA Ideal for dry terrariums and bird aviaries: The beech wood product for exotic pets!

Made from beechwood, CHIPSI EXTRA complete wood granules are specially designed to meet the requirements of reptiles, many species of birds and small animals.

The dust-free product is easy on the sensitive breathing organs of the animals, and ensures a natural and hygienic environment.   


Chipsi Extra Beechwood XXL - 10 litre £7.49
Chipsi Extra Beechwood XXL - 15kg pack £25.99
Chipsi Extra Beechwood MED - 10 litre £7.49
Chipsi Extra Beechwood MED - 15kg pack £25.99
Chipsi Extra Beechwood SMALL - 10 litre £7.99
Chipsi Extra Beechwood SMALL - 15kg pack £28.99

Lignocel 3-4 S

Lignocel is an excellent bedding for reptiles.

  • Highly absorbent
  • Soft
  • Dust-free
  • Natural - wood fibre
  • Easy to use 
Lignocel 3-4 S - 12.5kg £25.99