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Pro Plan Puppy

Pro Plan Medium Puppy with Optistart is designed for medium-sized puppies, but it is also suitable for gestating or lactating mothers. It contains all the nutrients puppies need to help them grow into a healthy, happy adult dog.

Helps support puppy's immune response and helps build a healthy immune system thanks to colostrum.


Pro Plan Opti-Start Puppy Chicken - 18kg £43.50

Pro Plan Adult

Purina Pro Plan Opti-Balance and Opti-Derma are complete food's for all breeds' of adult dogs.


Containing a combination of specifically selected nutrients at appropriate levels for dogs of different sizes and physiques that supports their specific needs and helps to keep them at peak condition.

Pro Plan Opti-Balance Adult Chicken - 18kg £43.50
Pro Plan Opti-Derma Adult Salmon - 18kg £43.50
Pro Plan Opti-Balance Adult Large Breed Robust Chicken- 14kg £43.50

Pro Plan Performance

Our dry dog food for adult contains Opti-Power, a specially formulated blend of nutrients designed for your dog’s increased endurance and to aid rapid recovery.

Opti-Power contains important nutrients for active or working dogs tohelp maintain their optimum condition. Key ingredients help to increase endurance, support rapid muscle recovery and promote good joint health. Our high protein dog food also contains fat and omega 3 anti-inflammatory fatty acids.

Pro Plan Opti-Power Performance Chicken - 18kg Save £18.50 £25.00