Arden Grange Treats

Arden Grange Crunchy Bites are a really tasty treat that dogs can eat between meals without ruining their appetites.

Crunchy Bites are hypoallergenic and free from wheat gluten, dairy products, beef and soya.

They contain no artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives.

Crunchy Bites - Chicken (225g) £2.99
Crunchy Bites - Chicken 5kg £29.60
Crunchy Bites - Salmon (225g) £2.99
Crunchy Bites - Lamb (225g) £2.99
Crunchy Bites - Sensitive (225g) £3.49

Trovet Treats

Trovet has developed a range of special treats as everyone wants to reward their dog, even when they are eating a special diet.

These treats are designed to support dietary food, unlike most treats, which can have an opposite effect.


Multi Purpose Lamb Treats (MLT) 400g - Canine £6.75
Multi Purpose Hydrolysed Treats (MHT) 400g - Canine £6.95
Duck Neck Hypoallergenic Treats (HDT) 200g - Canine Save £1.35 £7.60
Rabbit Ears Hypoallergenic Treats (HRT) 100g - Canine Save £1.12 £6.33
Multi Purpose Rabbit Treats (MRT) 400g - Canine Save £0.71 £6.44
Horse Hypoallergenic Treats (HHT) 250g - Canine Save £2.59 £10.36
Lamb Hypoallergenic Treats (HLT) 250g - Canine £11.45
Venison Hypoallergenic Treats (HVT) 250g - Canine £11.95
Rabbit Hypoallergenic Treats (HRT) 250g - Canine £12.45
Ostrich Hypoallergenic Treats (HOT) 150g - Canine Save £2.39 £9.56
Low Calorie Treats (LCT) 400g - Canine £5.15