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Weight & Diabetic Diets (WRD)

DOG PAW   Trovet Weight & Diabetic Diet (WRD) is formulated for dogs suffering from any of the following complaints:

   Obesity : Diabetes : Colitis : Constipation





       How does it work?


  • Low in calories and high in dietary fibre for weight loss. 
  • Slow up take of carbohydrates ensures a gradual supply of glucose after a meal for the treatment of diabetes. 
  • Promotes increased colon activity to prevent constipation. 
  • Contains indigestible fibres to retain water and ensure firm faeces to aid against colitis.


      Please seek veterinary advice before purchasing these special diets.



Weight & Diabetic Diets (WRD)
Weight & Diabetic Diets (WRD)
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