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Trovet Hypoallergenic single protein and single carbohydrate diets are dietary food for cats with food hypersensitivity.

Cats with food hypersensitivity often suffer from pruritus, bad skin, diarrhoea and/or vomiting, because of an impaired reaction on a food substance.

Giving the cat a food that does not contain any of the ingredients to which the cat is hypersensitive can relieve these symptoms.

Lamb Hypoallergenic (LRD) - 500g £6.25
Lamb Hypoallergenic (LRD) - 3kg £26.95
Rabbit Hypoallergenic (RRD) - 500g £6.95
Rabbit Hypoallergenic (RRD) - 3kg £29.95
Insect Hypoallergenic (IRD)- 3kg £34.95
Fish & Rice Intestinal (FRD) - 3kg Save £6.19 £24.76