Ideal Sensitive I20

I20 Nutram Ideal Solution Support® Skin, Coat & Stomach Natural Dog Food is a Holistic, multi-beneficial, and nutrient-rich recipe that improves your pet’s wellness from the inside-out.

Our Holistic approach starts with digestion through a special combination of easy to digest wholesome proteins, such as real Lamb, which combined with Pumpkin, a great fiber source, promotes the optimal environment for sensitive stomachs.

Nutram's Optimum Combinations™ also provide the immune boosting properties of Salmon Oil, a rich source of anti-inflammatory EPA, and Rosemary, a powerful anti-oxidant, which promotes the right environment for beautiful skin and a shiny coat.

You can be confident that your pet’s food is healing, wholesome and the ideal nutritional choice.


Ideal Sensitive I20 - 2kg Save £3.40 £13.59
Ideal Sensitive I20 - 2 x 2kg - Multi Buy Save £10.20 £23.78
Ideal Sensitive I20 - 6 x 2kg - Multi Buy (4+2 Free) Save £33.98 £67.96
Ideal Sensitive I20 - 11.4kg £59.99
Ideal Sensitive I20 - 2 x 11.4kg - Multi Buy Save £36.00 £83.98

Pro Plan Adult

Purina Pro Plan Opti-Balance and Opti-Derma are complete food's for all breeds' of adult dogs.


Containing a combination of specifically selected nutrients at appropriate levels for dogs of different sizes and physiques that supports their specific needs and helps to keep them at peak condition.

Pro Plan Opti-Derma Adult Salmon - 18kg £43.50


Trovet Hypoallergenic single protein and single carbohydrate diets are designed for dogs with food hypersensitivity.

Dogs with food hypersensitivity often suffer from pruritus, bad skin, diarrhoea and/or vomiting, because of an impaired reaction on a food substance.

Giving the dog a food that does not contain any of the ingredients to which the dog is hypersensitive can relieve these symptoms.


Lamb Hypoallergenic (LRD) - 3kg £20.95
Lamb Hypoallergenic (LRD) - 12.5kg Save £33.97 £33.98
Insect Hypoallergenic (IPD)- 3kg £27.45
Insect Hypoallergenic (IPD)- 10kg £71.95
Duck & Potato Intestinal (DPD) - 3kg Save £2.34 £21.11
Duck & Potato Intestinal (DPD) - 10kg £61.95
Venison Hypoallergenic (VPD) - 3kg £24.95
Venison Hypoallergenic (VPD) - 10kg £64.95
Venison Hypoallergenic (VPD) - 2 x 10kg - Multi Buy Save £6.50 £123.40
Venison Hypoallergenic (VPD) 12 Tins x 400g £40.20
Horse Hypoallergenic (HPD) - 3kg Save £2.39 £21.56
Horse Hypoallergenic (HPD) - 10kg Save £9.37 £53.08
Rabbit Hypoallergenic (RRD) - 3kg £22.95
Rabbit Hypoallergenic (RRD) - 12.5kg £74.95

Regulator (OHD)

Trovet Regulator diet is a dry food specially formulated for dogs with an allergy to food. Hydrolysed proteins help prevent allergic reactions whilst omega acids treat the areas affected by the allergic reaction. Regulator diet is also rich in borage and fish oils. Their anti-inflamatory properties have a positive effect on inflammatory reactions such osteoarthritis and colitis.

Please seek veterinary advice before purchasing these special diets.


Regulator (OHD) - 2.5kg £21.95