Trovet Dental Diet is designed to give your dog healthy teeth and fresh breath. It works in three ways. The kibble texture cleans the teeth, minerals prevent the formation of tartar while anti-bacterial ingredients reduce plaque formation, resulting in a fresh breath. This diet also works to reduce existing dental plaque.

Dental - 2.5kg £19.95
Dental - 10kg £55.95

Hepatic (HLD)

Trovet Hepatic Diet (HLD) is a specially compiled diet to support the function of the liver and encouraging healing of the liver tissue.

Trovet HLD is easily digested, diminishing digestive problems and food intolerance.

Please seek veterinary advice before purchasing these special diets.


Hepatic (HLD) - 3kg £18.95
Hepatic (HLD) - 12.5kg Save £6.49 £58.46


Trovet Hypoallergenic single protein and single carbohydrate diets are designed for dogs with food hypersensitivity.

Dogs with food hypersensitivity often suffer from pruritus, bad skin, diarrhoea and/or vomiting, because of an impaired reaction on a food substance.

Giving the dog a food that does not contain any of the ingredients to which the dog is hypersensitive can relieve these symptoms.


Lamb Hypoallergenic (LRD) - 3kg £20.95
Lamb Hypoallergenic (LRD) - 12.5kg Save £33.97 £33.98
Insect Hypoallergenic (IPD)- 3kg £27.45
Insect Hypoallergenic (IPD)- 10kg £71.95
Duck & Potato Intestinal (DPD) - 3kg Save £2.34 £21.11
Duck & Potato Intestinal (DPD) - 10kg £61.95
Venison Hypoallergenic (VPD) - 3kg £24.95
Venison Hypoallergenic (VPD) - 10kg £64.95
Venison Hypoallergenic (VPD) - 2 x 10kg - Multi Buy Save £6.50 £123.40
Venison Hypoallergenic (VPD) 12 Tins x 400g £40.20
Horse Hypoallergenic (HPD) - 3kg Save £2.39 £21.56
Horse Hypoallergenic (HPD) - 10kg Save £9.37 £53.08
Rabbit Hypoallergenic (RRD) - 3kg £22.95
Rabbit Hypoallergenic (RRD) - 12.5kg £74.95

Mobility & Geriatrics

Trovet Mobility & Geriatrics diet is a unique, dry dog food designed to maintain and improve impaired joint mobility. It is especially suitable for elderly pets. This diet contains a high number of natural, active ingredients that improve joint quality and flexibility. These ingredients are also beneficial for dogs suffering from osteoarthritis.

 Please seek veterinary advice before purchasing these special diets.


Mobility & Geriatrics - 2.5kg Save £9.97 £9.98
Mobility & Geriatrics - 12.5kg Save £34.97 £34.98

Regulator (OHD)

Trovet Regulator diet is a dry food specially formulated for dogs with an allergy to food. Hydrolysed proteins help prevent allergic reactions whilst omega acids treat the areas affected by the allergic reaction. Regulator diet is also rich in borage and fish oils. Their anti-inflamatory properties have a positive effect on inflammatory reactions such osteoarthritis and colitis.

Please seek veterinary advice before purchasing these special diets.


Regulator (OHD) - 2.5kg £21.95

Renal & Oxalate (RID)

Trovet Renal & Oxalate Diet (RID) contains a limited quantity of high-grade proteins, which puts less strain on the kidneys of your dog but also helps slow down any further decrease in kidney function.

The levels of minerals and vitamins have also been adapted to meet the changed needs for dogs with lower levels of renal activity.

Please seek veterinary advice before purchasing these special diets.


Renal & Oxalate (RID) - 3kg £16.45
Renal & Oxalate (RID) - 12.5kg £56.95

Urinary Struvite (ASD)

Trovet Urinary Struvite Diet is a dietary food for dogs suffering from struvite uroliths.

It is a complete diet with adjustments in the mineral composition to favour the production of acidic urine and to reduce the urinary concentration of the minerals that are implicated in struvite formation.

Trovet Urinary Struvite Diet for dogs can be fed long-term as it is capable of supporting long-term maintenance of dogs in any life-stage.

Please seek veterinary advice before purchasing these special diets.

Urinary Struvite (ASD) - 3kg £15.95
Urinary Struvite (ASD) - 12.5kg £55.95

Weight & Diabetic (WRD)

Trovet Weight & Diabetic Diet (WRD) is formulated for dogs suffering from any of the following complaints:

Obesity : Diabetes : Colitis : Constipation

How does it work?

  • Low in calories and high in dietary fibre for weight loss.
  • Slow up take of carbohydrates ensures a gradual supply of glucose after a meal for the treatment of diabetes.
  • Promotes increased colon activity to prevent constipation.
  • Contains indigestible fibres to retain water and ensure firm faeces to aid against colitis.

Please seek veterinary advice before purchasing these special diets.

Weight & Diabetic (WRD) - 3kg £16.95
Weight & Diabetic (WRD) - 12.5kg £57.95