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Complementary wet food in a mousse for cats

Schesir functions is a complementary topper that helps increase the hydration of kibbled food and prevents digestive problems often suffered by elderly and less active cats. Schesir functions includes pumpkin and wheat grass, which help to ensure a healthy digestion and soothes a sensitive stomach.

Schesir Functions - Digestive Topper 40g - 12 pouches Save £2.15 £15.73


To keep in shape
This range is also intended for overweight cats, with a reduced calorie formula and I-carnitine to speed up the metabolism.

Food that keeps them healthy
Does your pet have sensitive and easily irritated skin or a dull coat? The Special range, which contains essential fatty acids, can also help with this.

A range dedicated to its needs
A fussy appetite should never be underestimated, Schesir Special range makes things easier with the highly appetising Special mousse and a pumpkin formula that assists digestion.

The right diet
Considering the cat's physiology, a complete and balanced wet food is more in line with its nature.

Schesir Special Mousse - Skin & Coat Salmon with Chicken 70g - 12 pouches Save £2.44 £17.84